Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Conductive Education hopeful

Haven't really blogged about Drake in so long. Things have been busy and to be honest in the Drake world there hasn't been much to report besides feelings of guilt around how little time I have to work with him and how bringing another child into our family will only take more time away from him.

He has been going to his typical preschool since August and it's going well, I guess. He likes the teachers and kids and vice versa and I think the socialization has been good for him. But there is very little therapy or self care skills going on there as it's just a typical preschool with a class of 20 students. I have been feeling so guilty that he doesn't get more than two 45 minute sessions a week with his PT, so he gets no time to practice in his walker or work on standing. And with my husband and I both working full time, there is little time for us to work with him on it. He just w-sits all day and crawls around and plays and has fun, but isn't working on improving his motor skills. Same with potty training. We do a little at home when we can, but we are never home and the school won't potty train as they have 19 other kids to look after and no time to put a kid on the potty every 30 minutes.

I have been very interested in trying to find a conductive education school for Drake, but none exist in the Bay Area. But recently I found out that one is starting in the fall, and I am freaking out I am so excited. We met with the teacher today and she is amazing and thinks Drake is a perfect candidate for CE. I don't know what this all means yet, but I haven't felt this excited in a while. I feel like Drake has been stagnating on motor skills because of our lack of involvement/time. He is progressing wonderfully verbally. He talks all the time now and you can understand almost everything he says. But there has been little progress with the walker or standing or potty training. CE aims to integrate all this with education to boot.

We are trying to get a second round of botox for D, too. But my insurance changed this year and it's been hard to get approved. Blah.

And did I mention I am now 35 weeks pregnant! :)