Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Workin' it

I have been looking for a job since November, and just got offered a contracting gig. I've been there a week now. It's been so bittersweet for me to work again. I miss the twins terribly. But, I am having fun being out of the house, working with smart people and using my brain!

What has been crazy though, is how much change I notice with the twins now that I don't see them all day, every day. Last night I was feeding Drake his bedtime bottle and he reached up with both hands and grabbed the bottle right out of my hands! Then he put it back in his mouth, pulled it out again, put it back in. In between each of these acts he was laughing with pride. He was so excited to realize he has control over his bottle. I told my sister what he did and she was like "Oh, yeah. He's been doing that." It was like a dagger in my heart that I didn't know this was something "he'd been doing".

Lucy, too, is taking me by surprise. I came home the other day and I swear she said "Hi" when I walked in. Again, I told my sister what she did. "Yeah", she replied. "She's been doing that." Her first real word and I missed it?!

I am trying not to focus on what I am missing by being at work, but what I am gaining when I come home and feel completely awed by my amazing children.


Ellen Seidman said...

I think you have the right attitude! Me, I really needed to go back to work after Max was born, for my sanity. I missed him, but I was a better mom for it.

That is another amazing thing Drake is doing! Really impressive.

Anonymous said...

Any option to cue your sister on how much that bothers you?

On the positive side, those are really neat new behaviors!

Sounds like both the twins and you are doing well.