Friday, January 9, 2009


Not really sure what to post about, but lots on my mind. I started my new job on Monday. I am completely wiped out from my first week of full-time work. I have been shaking the dust bunnies out of my brain. But, it's been good. I enjoy the people, the work, and the challenge.

The twins have been home with Auntie Hil all week. She has been taking to take Drake to CCS and his other PT/OT appointments. They will be with her 5 days a week for the next 2 weeks, then Hil's classes start and she drops back down to 3 days a week. We just hired a new nanny for the 2 days that Hil has classes. I think we got lucky. I went to Craigslist, found someone who seemed good, interviewed her, and subsequently hired her. She is a young, hippie-type woman, who brings love and organic cooking. Of course, organic cooking isn't a requirement of mine, but why not?! She is also a certified pre-school teacher, has training in massage, and is interested in alternative wellness and therapies. She is very keen on working with Drake and I think she will do even more with him than we do, as she is fresh blood!

Drake just found his mode of mobility last month; rolling! He rolls like crazy now, all over the house. It feels like we worked on rolling for an eternity. First to get him to roll front to back, then back to front, then to link rolls like he does now. He uses his legs to initiate his rolls, which his PT likes. He pulls them up, then moves them to the side. He doesn't use extension to roll, which I have been told can sometimes pose later problems.

At the same time, Drake seems to have plateaued in some areas after a huge progress spurt. He doesn't want to sit anymore, all he wants to do is stretch forward out of sitting and roll! His PT thinks he is just so excited to have found a way to get around, that sitting isn't his priority right now. That makes sense to me, but we are still trying to get him to stay in sitting to strengthen his back, etc. It's hard to do that right now!

Lucy is soooo close to walking! She will let go of furniture for a couple seconds and stand there. Then she realizes she is standing and freaks out and falls. She will take one or two steps unassisted if you hold your arms out to her. I can't believe my little peanut girl is about to walk! I sense a whole new set of challenges coming my way!


Katy said...

Drake seems to be doing amazing! Charlie doesn't really like sitting either, but I don't think he's quite as strong as Drake--my kid is floppy! For prop sitting we use a Leap Frog music table. You can take off two of the legs and he'll prop in front of that for a very long time playing.

Also, I think our kids seem to plateau or even give up acquired skills at times and that can be hard. I've seen it in Charlie many times, though, and eventually he picks those skills back up and usually adds a few more.

Katy said...

If it's the same table, there's a little circular tab-type thing. Hold that in and the legs come right off.

Ellen Seidman said...

So cool that Drake is finding a way to get around! Plateaus are hard, patience is hard, but he will keep progressing! I'll bet Lucy will inspire him a lot when she starts walking.

You seem to have hit the nanny jackpot, congratulations. I found mine before Max was even born, hired her, and she's been with us for six years. She's stuck with us through everything, she is a saint. While she's more likely to make stuff like Lipton Onion Soup meatloaf vs., say, organic stir fry, she rocks! Having a nanny you trust makes going to work possible. Great that you have family pitching in, too.