Sunday, February 15, 2009

Speech evaluation

Drake's speech evaluation went well (I heard) as I couldn't get away from work to be there. I was told she put 3 things on the table -- a doll, a ball, and a bottle -- told him what they were, and asked him to pick up the correct object when asked. He could only identify the bottle. That makes sense, as we don't have any balls and we only have one doll, which neither twin plays with. She asked if he points at things (no), can correctly identify facial features (no), hands things to you when he is "done" playing with them (no). She did like his range of vocalization and that he has two real words --"Uh-oh" and "Hi". He also waves "bye-bye" and will clap on command. So there is some expressive and receptive language going on. She also wanted to watch him eat and drink. She didn't give us a report on her findings, but she will be seeing him once a week starting in two weeks. Another appointment to add to the weekly calendar!

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Hopeful Mother said...

Sounds good... we are due for a speech eval for Alex in the next few weeks... if the regional center can get their act together and get the paperwork sent over.

I will be interested to hear how your first "ST session" goes too.