Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spreading the sickness

Saturday we went to a friend's kid's first birthday party. When we got there, the kid was taking a nap, so the twins and the other babies at the party were playing with each other and with the birthday boy's toys. All is fine and dandy. Then, the kid wakes up and comes into the living room. I go in for a birthday hug and see a face covered in snot with two huge, green "snail trails" coming out of his nose. His left eye is red and oozing green gunk, too. I say to his mom, "Is Felix sick?". She replies, "Yes, and he has pink eye, too!".

I spent the rest of the party trying to get the twins to play with the toys we brought and trying to sanitize their hands when the hostess wasn't looking. Who doesn't cancel a party when they have a sick, contagious kid?!

And of course, today, Drake woke up with a red, weeping eye and runny nose. Good times.

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