Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Talking points

Not so much to report these days. I have been so busy with my new job, there hardly seems time to sit back and reflect on what's been on my mind. Drake is getting a speech evaluation tomorrow. I, once again, have no idea what to expect. I assume she will try to get him to make a variety of sounds and peg him at an age for expressive and receptive language? I will be curious to see what she thinks of his sounds and what age she places him. I don't think he is too far behind in language. He makes lots of sounds and babbles and blows bubbles and imitates simple things like "Uh-oh". I often can't tell if Lucy or Drake is making noise when I hear them from the other room. Of course, I don't know what his sounds and babbling mean for his speech down the road. Like everything related to Drake, I am sure we won't know. And I am sure when I ask the speech therapist if she thinks he will have solid speech patterns, she will say "I don't know, we have to wait and see." Getting a little tired of the "wait and see", but at the same time, I think Drake has surprised us with what he can do and speech I am hoping will be no different.


Hopeful Mother said...

Yup - time just keeps flying... all we can do is try to keep up.

Sounds like Drake is doing fairly well with speech & language! I'm curious how your eval went - we are scheduled to get one for Al.ex next week sometime. I know he is behind (just barely babbles - no repeating, no pointing etc.) even when I compare him to his typically-developing brother, but I am fearful about HOW behind and what this might mean for his future.

Like you said, the "wait and see" method gets a little tiresome when you just want some solid ANSWERS and good news once in a while.

Ellen Seidman said...

It's true, nobody can forecast Drake's speech future at this point, but I agree with Hopeful above, it does sound like he is doing well. Let us know how the eval goes

I hear you on juggling work and family, sometimes I am just grateful to be able to find time to brush my teeth.