Sunday, April 26, 2009

Singing and signing

Drake has been in speech therapy for a couple months now. His therapist comes on Thursday afternoons, which means I am at work, so I don't get to see what she does with him. My sister is with the twins that day, and she is great at filling me in on what they worked on and what we should continue to work on. Like singing. The therapist has been singing "Old MacDonald" with him, and now if you sing that song, he will do the "ei-ei-oooo" for every verse!

And she taught him the baby sign "more", to request "more" food when he eats. Drake is a very demanding eater, and will pretty much start fussing the second he gets in his high chair if there isn't food on his tray at that moment. She wanted to give him a way to communicate without fussing. This morning he finished his pancake and started to fuss, and I said "Do you want more?" and did the "more" sign, and he did it back!

Yay for speech therapy!

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Cary said...

That's awesome Kelly! Yeah for Drake. Coincidentally, we found out today that Ben knows the sign for "more" too. We had no idea but he did it today. Very exciting stuff indeed.