Friday, April 24, 2009

A typical day

Now that Drake is crawling and pulling up to high kneeling on furniture, my legs, whatever, he suddenly seems like a typically developing kid. In fact, it is within the normative range to crawl at 17 months. I think the age range to walk is 9 - 18 months. I know he won't be walking at 18 months or 24 for that matter, but today he seemed like any late blooming baby. I took him to get fitted for his glasses (which by the way are going to be so cute. he looks like a baby hipster as they are thick and square), and he sat quietly on my lap while the eye doc measured him, then he got squirmy so I let him crawl around the floor. The eye doc (who knows nothing of his PVL or delays as the prescription was just for the glasses) was fussing over how cute he was. She kept watching him crawl around and pull up on things and saying "He'll be walking in no time!", etc. The fact is Drake looks so typical to look at him. If you saw him in a stroller, high chair, swing, whatever, you'd never think, here is a kid with CP. And now that he crawls so well, it's like he aged 10 months in a few weeks. A few weeks ago, he rolled like a 6 month old would. It's amazing how a single physical feat can "catch him up" so fast. I know we will back on the downslide when he doesn't walk in the next 6 months. But today, I am enjoying his relative age appropriateness!


Cary said...

I totally get what you're saying. No one realises that Ben isn't typically developing until I put him down on his tummy and he does the army-crawl thing. I will be so glad when he gets up on all fours. And when he can sit better.

Enjoy this time!

Ellen Seidman said...

I also know just what you mean. When Max was a little guy, people didn't get that anything was up with him, and that was comforting.

It's amazing, when they get up on all four it really builds up strength! Caryanna, Max command-crawled for a while, and I was psyched to see him on the go.

Any mobility is good mobility!

Drake is doing amazingly.