Tuesday, May 5, 2009

18 months (corrected) today!

My little dudes are 18 months old (corrected) today! Happy 1.5 birthday, Drake and Lucy!

Lucy got on the scale this weekend and she still only weighs 18 lbs! 18 months and 18 pounds. She is such a peanut.


Cary said...

Happy 1.5 birthday Lulu and Drake!!! We're just 3 weeks behind you. And I have a peanut too...but he's slightly bigger than yours...just 21 lbs. How heavy is Drake?

Hopeful Mother said...

Happy 18 mos to you all!

Our boys just turned 19 mos. (actual) on May 1.

Lucy sure is a peanut... neither of my boys have been 18 lbs since maybe like 9 mos? Hehe.

Al.ex is our 25 lb peanut, but he's not much of a peanut really, just compared to Car.sten who could pass as a 3 yr old at 31 lbs!