Tuesday, June 2, 2009

House of puke and poop

It has been stomach bug HELL here. I feel like I have been through war and now have PTSD. Both kids had sudden-onset vomiting within 3 hours of each other last Thursday. Sudden, violent vomiting, that once the stomach was empty, turned to vomiting saliva, then bile and finally dry heaving. This vomiting episode lasted about 6 hours, at which point the kids passed out and slept through the night. Friday morning, they were pale and weak and would puke up every drop of Pedialyte we offered. By noon Friday, Drake had diarrhea. Lucy was lethargic and refusing to eat or drink anything. I had to use a medicine dropper to get her to take any fluids. Saturday morning, my husband came down with the bug and was completely out of commission. Drake was pooping wet diapers about every 30 minutes. Lucy was lying on the floor, floppy and mellow. Drake wanted to eat, but would puke up most everything he ate (though he was holding down fluids). By Saturday night, Lucy was so lethargic and cold, I took her to the ER for IV fluids. They promised it would perk her up and help her re-gain her appetite. It took 3 pokes to get the IV in. She screamed. The toddler sharing the room with us was vomiting onto the floor every 20 minutes. Finally finish the IV and are discharged, and as we pull into the driveway at home, she pukes all over the car. Sunday, she is even more lethargic than Saturday. She has probably only eaten half a banana and a few saltine crackers in 3 days. Drake seems better, holding down some food and drinking well, so I give him a milk bottle before bed. Go in to check on him a couple hours later and he's covered in puke. Monday morning, get Lucy up and she's covered in poop. Take both kids to the pediatrician where he weighs them and we find they've both lost about 1.5 lbs. Drake ribs are showing. Lucy had finally gotten to 19 lbs, now she's back to under 18. He tells me to keep pushing flat 7-up, saltines, chicken stock. No dairy! Monday day, Lucy seemed better. She perked up, was playing, wanted to eat and drink. I was thrilled. Got home from work to the report that no one puked or had wet poops all day! Today, she is lethargic again, though she did drink some soy milk and eat some plain noodles. Drake seems almost 90% well. He drank two 6 oz soy milk bottles and had crackers, waffle, banana, 7-up, Pedialyte. I got bold and put sheets back on his bed (I had them sleeping on the bare mattress since they puked and pooped so much it was silly to use sheets). Tonight, Lucy perked up a bit when my hubby got home. Please let her be herself tomorrow. It's been a long few days, people. No one tells you what it's like when your kids get sick and you can't get them to eat or drink. Especially two at the same time. And don't forget the husband. No lie, I probably got puked on 25 times a day and changed just as many diarrhea diapers. Amazed I am still standing, actually.


Anonymous said...

WOW, Kelly! I cannot believe all that you have had to deal with. Vomit is one of the worst parts of parenting, I think. You deserve a medal (or a day off!) after all you've been through this last week. I hope that everyone continues to feel better and you can stop having to do laundry!

Hopeful Mother said...

Oh, that is horrible! You have certainly been through the wringer!

Here's hoping everyone gets and stays healthy... sure makes you appreciate when everyone is!

Cary said...

What a horrible time you've had! I hope everyone is now on the mend and you can get back to normal life.

Katy said...

Horror!!!! I can't believe you handled it this well--I surely would have been in an asylum or something.

If Charlie had puked that much we would, for sure, be inpatient at the hospital by now--the joys of special needs kiddos!