Thursday, July 23, 2009

Speech eval

So the latest report from D's speech evaluation came in yesterday. As I expected, he is still very delayed, but did make progress overall. He is currently in the 9 - 12 month range for both expressive and receptive language. 6 months ago, he was in the 6 - 9 month range.

He has about 5 -10 good words that he uses consistently and in the correct context. Supposedly, kids this age should have 75 words they use consistently and in the correct context AND should be using several two-word combinations, like "Mama's keys".

I tried to count all Lucy's words, and she has about 35 - 45 good words. But she is really in a word spurt right now. Tomorrow she could have 5 more. She's doing a ton of repeating new words back. She isn't putting word combinations together yet, though.

D's speech therapist remains optimistic about D's progress. She noted some of his physical delays are holding back his expressive language -- such as opening the chest for voice control and control over some mouth movements. He is slowly getting more control and she thinks as that matures, his language will really pick up. His drooling is really improved, I think because he finally got all his teeth in, but also because he keeps his mouth shut more, and doesn't need to open it when he moves or concentrates, which he used to. He is also swallowing his spit more effectively. I used to have to change his shirt twice a day, now it's just the occasional chin-wipe.

So again, progress is progress, even if it's slow progress.

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Katy said...

Heh. Charlie had one word and now he's in a gross motor spurt and he won't even say that one for us. We know he understands a lot of what we say because of his responses, but he says NOTHING. A lot of the time I just give up worrying about it--too much else on my plate.