Monday, July 6, 2009

What's awesome about Milwaukee

We just got back from a week in Milwaukee where Andy's parents live. The last time we were there was last May, when the twins were 7 months old. I remember wondering if any of Andy's parent's friends and extended family would notice that Drake was delayed. I laugh thinking about that now...they were 7 months old! Neither of them were doing anything except laying around on the floor. Of course, no one thought or asked me a thing about Drake.

Fast forward to this year. 20 months old. Lucy is running and has a bunch of clear words. Drake is crawling and has a few sort of clear words. There is a noticeable difference in what they can and can't do. Funny thing is, this year I was less concerned about people asking me about Drake. Maybe I have reached a new plane of acceptance? I don't know. Sometimes I don't think he seems that delayed because he is making such great strides and I am used to him and think he seems like any other kid. But when you see him next to Lucy, yes, it is obvious he is behind.

But everyone who came over to see the twins (and let me tell you, there were a lot of people. his parents hosted a "sip and see" just for twin viewing) was loving and engaged with them and if they noticed something was amiss, didn't say anything to me. I really appreciated that. Not that I would mind explaining his delays, but sometimes I don't feel like telling his life story to strangers.

The other thing that was awesome about Milwaukee was the stairs in my in-laws living room. They have a big carpeted living room that is "sunken", so there are 3 low and wide steps getting in and out of it. Drake was all about the steps. And by the end of the week, was getting up them pretty darn good. Wish we had some low steps for him to practice on here.

The last awesome thing about Milwaukee is that the in-laws also watched the kids overnight one night so Andy and I could have a get-away to Chicago. Awesome!


Cary said...

I, like you, always wonder if there will be comments. Most of the time there isn't. And I'm always surprised. And when there is, I seem to handle them pretty well too. So far, the only one's who really ask are other mom's with kids of similar age. We go to My Gym and some of the moms we see regularly have asked. And now, they see the progress Ben is mkaing too and it feels great when they comment about how far he's come in just a few months.

And as for the steps...we have those (we have 2 sunken rooms - which i think I will hate once Ben can use a walker) but for now they are great practice.

Glad you got a night away! And it sounds like you had a great trip! Way to go Drake and Lulu!!!

Katy said...

I find that other people are a lot less focused on Charlie's defecits than I am. Honestly, your kids may have had differences anyway with one being a boy and one being a girl.

Hopeful Mother said...

That sounds like a good getaway.

And Alex made a lot of progress with my parents' "sunken living room" steps too. Maybe they need to install these at the therapy units?! ;-) I think we're on to something here.