Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, they're a comin'...

Drake has clinic in September and they are going to prescribe him his first set of AFOs. He has been using a pair of borrowed AFOs during therapy and now it's time for his own casted pair, ones that fit his feet perfectly.

I am reminded by his therapists that AFOs are a good thing: it means he is ready to do a lot more standing and they definitely help him with that, as they force him off his toes and onto flat feet. But I can't help think this is his first "equipment".

He will start out wearing them only an hour or so a day, when we are working on standing. He still crawls and W sits the majority of the time, and the AFOs hinder that, so they don't want him to wear them all day yet.

Here we go!


Cary said...

Yep. We're in the same boat...but not using casted ones yet. He hardly wears them though for the same reasons you mentioned...they hinder him way to much since he mostly crawls and w-sits.

I hadn't really thought of them as his "first equipment" though and for some reason I'm just not bothered by it. Hmmm...wonder why that is?

Hopeful Mother said...

Interesting, and exciting... will be interested to hear how it goes for you guys.

We are not due for clinic for a bit yet, but right now Alex's new PT doesn't think he needs anything... I, on the other hand, am not so sure. He is still so wobbly on his feet.

Katy said...

WE're waiting for our second pair to arrive. We don't wear them a lot because Charlie can't crawl with them on, but he actually smiles when we put them on. He loves being able to stand.