Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday re-cap and stats

I can't believe my little dudes are TWO! Time has flown. Their birthday is such a bittersweet day for me. Of course, I love celebrating their birth, but I so wish their birth had been under different circumstances. I remember looking at the clock at noon on Saturday, and thinking about where I was two years prior, hooked up to a magnesium drip and wondering what the hell was going on and if my babies would live or not if delivered at 30 weeks...

On a more positive note, they did survive and we had a little party for their second birthday with a few toddler friends and their parents. It was hotter than PANTS here in Oakland -- 90 degrees easily -- and luckily we had bought them a water table for their birthday present, which was a hit with all the kids. Everyone in the under 3 set arrived in their party best and left in nothing but a wet diaper. I guess that is a sign of a good party.

Today, we took them to the pediatrician for their 2-year well-baby visit. Drake is 27 lbs (44th %ile) and 35 inches (79th %ile). Long and lean. Lucy is 20 lbs (3rd %ile) and 32 inches (17th %ile). Short and skinny. Their pediatrician was so happy with both of them, though. She wrote a prescription for Drake's AFOs, so those will be getting ordered shortly. We also talked about getting him on the waiting list for theraputic horseback riding, which he can start at age 3.

I am currently researching preschools for the twins to start next year when they are 3. I really want to keep them together, so it is a challenge to find the right school. It seems I will need to find God or gads of money. All the regular schools that are open to special kids are either associated with the Church or really expensive.

The search continues!


Cary said...

Kelly - As we head towards the boys 2nd birthday, I am having similar feelings. It was such a scary time when they arrived that it's hard to look back at their birth and completely celebrate it. I so wish that their birthday wasn't til November...like it was supposed to be.

Katy said...

Round here if it's not Early Intervention Preschool than it would definitely be afiliated with a church. Plenty of people just to to whatever church program they like--regardless of their religion. I even know a woman whose little blonde haired, blue eyed gentile is enrolled at a traditional Jewish day school--best fit for their family.

Hopeful Mother said...

It is crazy that we are approaching 2!

We are thinking about pre-schools too. There is an inclusion preschool here run by our county that has half "typical" kids and half special needs, so we're hoping that might be a good fit for Al.ex (who would be free) and Car.sten (who we would pay for).

If that doesn't work out, we'll probably go with one of the Christian schools in our city... we'll have to see.

The whole realm of special education is so daunting to me.

Ellen Seidman said...

Hi. I know how you feel about birthdays. It gets beter as the kids get older. It's bittersweet because, You DO have so much to celebrate, two yummy kids.

Our district paid to send Max to a school for kids with special needs after he aged out of Early Intervention at 3, I guess it is different in every state. Maybe there is a caseworker at the public school who might be able to offer guidance? I wonder if the ARC may have some ideas, too. It's a horrible name, Association for Retarded Citizens, but they help all kinds of kids.