Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mumbo Jumbo

Lots of jumbled thoughts today...

Drake has his next clinic with the developmental pediatrician at CCS (where he receives his therapies) tomorrow. This is the doctor who told us 6 months ago that she thought Drake would "outgrow" his developmental issues and sent everybody into a tailspin of emotions. Obviously, he won't "outgrow" his issues, he may have good rehabilitation potential, but "outgrow", no. I am so curious to see what she has to say now.

Next Tuesday, he has an appointment with another developmental pediatrician that he hasn't seen for 10 months. She is more grounded in reality, so I am curious to get her take, too, and see how it jives with the doctor tomorrow.

Drake just got his next 6-month goals from his PT at CCS (these are to be achieved by February, when he is 2.5 years old):

1) Maintain a high kneel without holding onto anything for at least 15 seconds
2) Pull to stand through a half-kneel (he uses his arms to pull himself up mostly now)
3) Stand holding onto something with one hand while using the other hand to play with a toy

I think he can hit these. He is already getting good at #2, with just a little assistance to plant the foot that is being used for the half-kneel.

We need to buy a new car. We don't know if we should bite the bullet and buy a minivan. We are thinking we will have a walker and maybe a wheelchair to lug around within the next few years. But we have gotten by so far on a station wagon and would love to replace it with another station wagon or small SUV instead of a minivan if at all possible...

Had a great weekend get-away with my husband and the twins last weekend. Spontaneously rented a little cabin in the mountains for a couple nights and enjoyed apple picking and wine tasting and hiking amongst the giant sequoias. The crisp fresh air is so good for all of us.


Katy said...

In the beginning, people kept telling me that kids can just "grow out" of CP. Meanwhile I'm thinking to myself that my kid was practically pronounced dead--it's hard ot "grow out" of that. Drake is doing wonderfully, though, so don't forget that!

Cary said...

I'm dying to hear how you made out with the dev. pedi. who said that Drake will outgrow it. How did the appointment go?

I like your goals...sounds pretty close to ours...although Drake sounds like he's slightly ahead of Ben. Go Drake go!