Saturday, January 9, 2010

Potty practice

I know we are most likely years away from potty training Drake, but maybe only 6 months or so away from potty training Lucy (she still can't pull her pants up or down all the way, but is getting close)? Feeling optimistic, I went out and bought a potty for them to start getting used to. So far, Lucy wears the removable bucket as a hat and they both only want to sit on it fully clothed. But, (since I can't see into their diapers) I don't think they are doing much once there.

Drake asks to sit on it a lot. Novelty, I think. I just love this picture of him on the pot. He is really starting to look older, not babyish at all! His glasses, in case anyone has noticed are missing, have been flung from the stroller on a walk and we are currently awaiting delivery of another $200 pair. Grrrrr.


GingerB said...

So how old are the twins now? My normally developing child did not potty train until three, don't give yourself grief comparing either of your kids to others on this point, it will only lead to madness, I am sure. We use a very large day care and I saw a huge range of ages and stages with the group of kids there. I am not even thinking of when my CP baby will potty train, just trying to get her up and going will be enough to stress myself over.

Katy said...

He does look old there.

I've heard that a lot of special needs parents "schedule train" which is essentially putting their kids on the potty at certain times every day and teaching them to hold it until that time. Might be tough before they're in school though.

Kelly said...

ginger nice to meet you. i checked out your blog, congrats on your little one pulling to stand! that is awesome. my twins are 2 years 4 months. how old is your little one? basically, i am trying to get my daughter potty trained by august, when she turns 3 and starts preschool. of course i have no idea how to potty train!

Hopeful Mother said...

I think we're in a similar boat... probably potty-training Car.sten in the summer. And for Al.ex, well, I have no idea?!

Hua said...

Good luck with potty training! I hope all is well with Lucy and Drake.

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