Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have so many resolutions this year, it isn't even funny. At the risk of boring anyone who reads my spotty blog, here are the top five:

1) RELAX. I have felt so wired and anxious and high-strung as of late. I am worried about Drake in general, about finding the right preschool for the twins, about my health (I had a stage 1A melanoma removed from my leg last year), about my marriage, basically about everything except my job. I know I need to take a deep breath and focus on all the positives in my life. Drake is doing well, I have a couple leads on really great preschools, including one that would eventually take Drake, my melanoma was caught early and they cut it out, my husband and I are great friends and partners at our will all work out.

2) EXERCISE. I still have 12 pounds to lose to get to my pre-baby weight. I know 12 lbs isn't that much, but it's the difference between the pants I wear now and the cute pants I have tucked into the bottom drawer of my dresser. I bought an exercise bike for the house a few months ago, and was using it a bit, but have fallen off the wagon since Thanksgiving when I got sick and then the holidays and now I am running out of excuses. Except that I am waiting for American Idol to start and then I will bike as I watch...

3) MORE EXERCISE/STRETCHING FOR DRAKE. We used to be so good at stretching Drake every morning. Lately, we have fallen off the bandwagon. I want to resolve that we stretch him AT LEAST once a day. We have been pretty good about the stander. He is in it at least once a day for 30 minutes (not twice a day like his therapists wants), but we have seen improvements in his leg strength already.

4) MORE TIME FOR HUBBY. This one is tough. We joke (if you can call it that) about our top 3 life priorities right now. His are: 1) work 2) kids 3) me. Mine are: 1) kids 2) hubby 3) work. As you can see, I am his least priority and he is my second highest. I really want to work on being a better wife, but it' s hard! After working all day, then coming home to put kids to bed, I am exhausted and barely feel like making dinner and having exciting, challenging conversation and passionate sex all night! Got to work on all three....

5) FINISH HOUSE STUFF. We live in California, notorious for earthquakes. Our house has what is called a 'soft story', a room over nothing basically. That room happens to be our bedroom. For years we have said we would put the cash towards stabilizing this room. We really need to do it this year. We have interviewed architects, gotten bids, we just need to PULL THE TRIGGER! It's pretty expensive, which is the reason we keep dragging our feet. But this house won't be worth squat when half of it has fallen down!

Well, I guess that's it. I have a bunch more little ones like not drinking so much wine (goes with losing weight), etc, but these are the biggies. Wish me luck!


Katy said...

Yes. You do seem a bit stressed. May I suggest working on just one at a time? It really is hard working and raising two kids.

I'm with you on the weight. . . ten pounds heavier post Charlie! AT least you got two babies out of the deal. I'll probably get even bigger if I have another one.

Hopeful Mother said...

I agree with Katy. All great resolutions, but impossible to tackle all at once.

Life is HARD with twins, and even harder dealing with special needs on top of that. One of your resolutions should also be to be easier on yourself! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wishing you good luck with your top 2 priorities.

Interested in the rest of the preschool saga. No pressure. Really, hoping the blog is a source of relief and support for you. Barbara