Sunday, February 21, 2010


Friday was my birthday, so we headed up to Lake Tahoe to spend the weekend in the snow. It was so much fun! My hubby and I got on the slopes in the first time in two years (managing them in the lodge while the other skied was not as much fun) and the twins went sledding for the first time. Last year when we went up there, Lucy was just barely walking and Drake was primarily rolling, so we put them in backpacks and took them for a snowy hike.

This year, I invested in waterproof pants, boots, and mittens and we made a (very) little sledding track behind the cabin where we were staying. Drake especially loved sledding. He kept asking and signing for "more". It was a little hard for him to crawl around in the snow, but man, he was determined.

Here is a cute video of Drake and I sledding.


Cary said...

You've put me completely to shame. We live in cold, snowy Canada and the boys have never been sliding (as we call it). Oops!

Love the video. Drake is just too cute!! MORE!

GingerB said...

Like Caryanne I have yet to take my girls sledding, and I live in snowy Utah. I even bought snow pants this year in case we made it out. Well done you guys! Hooray for Drake!

Katy said...

Cool! I like hearing y'all's voices too! So cute.

Hopeful Mother said...

Simply adorable. Good for you to go for it - not an easy feat with toddlers!