Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good things

I love the "Good Things' posts that Katy at Bird on the Street does sometimes. Here are a few good things happening in Oakland.

1) About a year and a half ago, when I went back to work, we looked into sending D & L to a daycare / preschool that is primarily typical kids but known for accepting some special needs kiddos. We toured the school, told them about Drake and were told they had a waiting list. We got on the list, paid some nominal fee, and proceeded to go the nanny route. I had pretty much forgotten about said school until Monday, when I got an email saying they had a space for Drake. We have pretty much committed to sending Drake to the state funded special needs preschool in September. But I was so warmed to know that when his name came up on the list, they emailed me. They didn't pass him over because they know he has CP. They emailed me and said they had a spot, and how was his development coming along, and would we like to meet the head teacher of his potential class and see if there could be a fit. We are going to meet her next week, and although I still think the special needs preschool will be a better fit for him right now, I was proud of the school for keeping an open mind and be willing to include Drake.

2) This article.

3) "Mama"? "Yes, Drake". "I wuv you".


Katy said...

I wuv you? Totally makes me smile.

Cary said...

I recently stole / borrowed this idea from Katy too!

Still haven't heard any "i wuv you's" from my kiddos yet. I try...but to no avail. You're one lucky Mommy!

GingerB said...

I wuv you - made me cry. I'm so looking forward to hearing that, instead of having my girl communicate with her eyes, especially when mad!

Hopeful Mother said...

Those are great things!

The "I love you" is heart-melting!