Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Open cup

About 6 months ago, we started giving Lucy an open cup for meals when seated at the table. She still gets a straw-sippy for travel. Of course, Drake saw her (his biggest motivator) drinking from an open cup and decided he was going to do it, too. Every meal, he'd ask the same thing. "Juice?". So, I'd hand him his straw-sippy of juice. "No. Cup"!"CUP"!!!

So we started giving him a cup, too. At first, he soaked his shirt almost immediately, due to quick, uncoordinated hand to mouth movements and trouble handing the fast fluid intake. But, practice make perfect and now he is just about perfect. Not bad for a kiddo who has, what I'd consider, about 80% function in his left hand and 50% in his right.

Please note that I don't normally yell directives at him while he drinks, I just wanted to get it all for the video. Helps me remember where we came from.

*at the end he says "more" through a stuffy nose


Katy said...

I really do need to get Charlie some small cups. He can't get his tiny hands around most of them, but he sure likes to TRY to drink out of an open cup.

Hopeful Mother said...

That is awesome, Drake!