Monday, July 12, 2010

Big month

This is a big month for Drake. He has his first IEP evaluation tomorrow: speech and psych testing. On Thursday, he has the PT and OT evaluation. At the end of the month, they are supposed to make his classroom recommendation.

Next Tuesday is Drake's first Botox injections. It will be under general anesthesia. I am a little worried about that. And the fact that the appointment isn't until 10 am and he can't eat for 12 hours before. He will be cranky and starving without his normal 8 am breakfast.

Okay, back to cramming for the IQ eval tomorrow. We are doing overtime on colors, numbers, alphabet, shapes, etc... :)


Katy said...

Charlie did terrible on his evals, but I expected that. Luckily, they were still very positive about what he can do.

We were all set to do the botox (no general, though), and then my insurance denied it. Le Sigh. Is it a sign or just red tape?

Cary said...

Can't wait to hear how Drake does with botox. We're heading that route ourselves, but it won't likely happen due to the fall. I'm ticked about that...but what can you do sometimes? So we wait.

Good luck with all the evals! Sounds exhausting!