Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Botox day

Today was the Botox day! We had an 8 am appt so we were up and out the door by 6:30, which was good since D couldn't eat or drink anything before the procedure. The hardest part (which the doctor warned us would be) was watching D go under general anesthesia. There were too many lights, sounds, monitors and a little toddler on a huge sterile bed in the OR. I was having NICU flashbacks. It was almost unbearable to watch D go from wide awake to passed out in 45 seconds. I held it together until he fell asleep then burst into tears.

He ended up with 5 injections. His right wrist and the abductors and calves of both legs. We were allowed back in the room after it was over to wait for him to wake up. It took about 10 minutes and he woke up and was in pretty good spirits.

Now he is home, eating and drinking and playing and seemingly back to 100%. We will start to see the effects of the Botox in 3-7 days. So now we wait. Fingers crossed we see some real improvements in his mobility.


Katy said...

Wow. They let you watch the anesthesia? They never let us watch that down here.

I can't wait to hear all about it. I still think it may be in the cards for Charlie--I just have to go to war with our insurance company first!

GingerB said...

I'm looking forward to your updates - wish I could hug you through the anesthesia. We'll be doing that soon so Hannah can have an MRI of her brain, to map out the CP (woo-hoo??) and get some bonus dental work because she'll be under and can't protest. I kinda hope they don't let me watch. So when do we know the results? Does it come with an adjustment period like that infernal serial casting that just plagued Mo and Oia? Sending you good wishes.

Cary said...

Glad it went well...can't wait to hear how you see the results.

Ben's hamstrings are definitely looser. He is doing much better at long-sitting now. And we can stretch his so much easier. Now I'm getting anxious about the casting for his calves...just 10 days away.

Terry said...

How is your little boy now? I'm sorry he had to go through that. I could only imagine the heartache of seeing him cry into sleep. But he needs it; this will help him flex his muscles and make him loose. I hope he is doing well now.
Terry Bayer