Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday pics!

Hope everyone has a happy holiday. We are driving to Los Angeles tomorrow. I am happy not to be flying anywhere given the nasty weather all across the country.

This picture below is an out-take from our holiday card photo shoot. Only in California do you get green grass in the middle of winter! I was trying to make it look festive with the red chair.

Drake was doing wonderful kneeling. He held on to the chair like that for a while. And he was trading arms back and forth so the other could do some banging on the seat.

Love this one of him, too...

And finally, here is the one we went with (I had to photoshop out my cousin's kid running behind the chair)!


Ellen Seidman said...

Oh, too cute!!! I hope the drive to LA went well. We are in Florida, I was dreading the trip but it went way better than I thought. Happy, happy holidays!

Jacolyn said...