Thursday, December 30, 2010

First school pictures and conference

Drake had his first school pictures taken in November. The school had a photojournalistic-type photographer come in and take the kids photos. She did such a great job on all the kids. But of course, I thought Drake's pictures were the absolute cutest of them all.

We also had our first parent-teacher conference for Drake. It went really well! I was a little nervous, as he is the only kid with a disability in his class of 20 typically developing kids and I was worried they were going to say he is too much work or he seems lost, etc. But he is doing great there and the teachers and other children love having him. They talked about how he plays so well with the other kids and how they ask about him on the two days a week he isn't there. We had questions for them about his cognition as he is behind his twin sister in terms of language acquisition and knowing letters, numbers, colors, alphabet, etc. They didn't seem concerned at this point. They felt he was in the normative range for a just 3 year old. So that was good to hear. The school has been great about modifying activities for Drake, like lowering the water table so he can high kneel at it and getting a chair for snack/lunch that has sides and a pommel to keep him from slipping forward. We invested in thick pair of rain pants that he wears outside when it's wet as he still crawls around as his form of mobility. He has been going 3 days a week since September, but he will go 5 days a week starting Monday.

I feel lucky we found this school, given our IEP options were so poor. He will go here again next year most likely, though I am researching another private preschool that also has baby care for the wee one coming in May. Would love to have my whole brood together.


GingerB said...

You are right about the cuteness of that dear boy - I want to catch him up in my arms and kiss him. What delightful news that you have a new bun in the oven! And to hear that he is cognitively on track, I am sure your heart is full, as well it should be. Well done, Mama!

Katy said...

He looks beautiful!

All the news about Drake sounds just wonderful. I think boys are often behind girls with regards to language.

I don't know if you ever look at the One Step Ahead catalog/website, but they all sorts of knee pads in there and every time I see them, I think of Drake.