Friday, March 11, 2011

Mental milestone

Today I am 30 weeks, 3 days pregnant. The most pregnant I've ever been! I am one day further along than where I was when the twins were born. This has been a major mental milestone for me, so I am happy to be here. So far, my cervix is cooperating, and I am hopeful to go another 6 weeks or so (or maybe even further!?!). But regardless of when this baby comes, I am appreciating each day this little one get's to spend inside and not in the NICU as a result of prematurity.


Cary said...

Oh WOW. I can imagine how that must get to one day past "the day". Can't imagine carrying a baby full-term and bringing said baby home right away. I truly hope you get to experience that this time!

Glad to see you're doing well! Hope Drake and Lulu are as well.

GingerB said...

I'm glad for you to experience that. milestone I know we shouldn't blame ourselves for babies coming early (hello you twin mommies, you!!) but I think most of do it anyway. If I'd not asked for my extra test, and kept my preemie in longer, she'd likely have been stillborn, so actually I saved the day - but in my head - I will always feel I made a bad placenta. Once I hit the mental milesone with baby #2, I really did relax quite a bit, knowing each day was a day not in the hospital. Not that it turned out that way but at least I didn't have to know about it. Like Caryanne said - I do hope you get to bring baby home with you - that sounds like heaven!!

Katy said...

Is that you? You have the cutest little belly! Glad you've made it past "the day" and hope those babies bake til you're complaining about them!