Friday, November 21, 2008

Kissy, kissy

We've been doing 'kissing sounds' with the twins for a while. But just a few days ago, Drake started making them, out of the blue! Now, he will make the kissing sound on command or after he hears someone else do it. It's so great for a few reasons: first, it's cute as hell, secondly, it shows he's grasping mimicking, and thirdly, he's getting his lips together to make the sound. He hasn't made many sounds like "maaa" and "baaa" that need the lips to close. Mostly he makes open vowel sounds, 'g' sounds like "gaaa", "geee" and "gooo", and various shrieks and squeals.

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Ellen Seidman said...

Hey, Kelly. I found your blog through Shannon's. The kids are too cute! And I LOVE their names. I have Max, 5 (almost 6!) and Sabrina, 3. Max has cp from a stroke at birth. That first year was the hardest, I promise it gets easier after this. I promise. I was just remembering how Max also made lots of g sounds, and I'd get so excited when I heard an "m" or a "b" anything. Keep up the great work!