Friday, November 21, 2008


We brought the twins to their Well Baby visit today. They both got the MMR vaccine and, once their pediatrician heard we were flying on Monday, a flu shot, too. My husband and I have always been pro-immunization. We believe it's important to vaccinate our population to prevent the spread of disease. So, I haven't blinked an eye when the doctor orders up their boosters every few months. Today, however, I had the slightest anxiety with the MMR, since I have read it's the vaccine that's been linked to autism. Their doctor assured us that isn't the case, that the doctor who wrote the white paper on the link between the MMR and autism is being sued and the co-authors of that paper have disassociated from it. Also, that the the MMR vaccine doesn't contain mercury anymore, which was thought to be the culprit. So, we forged ahead. My sister-in-law will be especially proud. She is in medical school in Vermont, studying to be a pediatrician. She had told me that many people in Vermont have been freaked out about the MMR/autism link and haven't been giving that vaccination to their kids. Vermont had several cases of mumps this year. Crazy.

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