Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home again, home again

We just got back from a week in Seattle. It was a great trip. We are truly blessed when it comes to having easy travelers. Both kids slept through both flights and adjusted to all the new places, routines and people with ease. I drove the kids to Portland on Tuesday for an overnight with my best friend. Her boyfriend babysat for the the twins while she and I went out on the town for a much needed, wine-saturated night.

We spent Thanksgiving with my husband's cousin and his family. It was really nice. I am still licking my chops thinking about this plum chutney they served alongside the more traditional cranberry sauce. So delicious. Andy's cousin had about 14 people over for dinner and none had ever met our family. I was sort of dreading the usual questions I get about the twins, like why are they such different sizes and why isn't Drake crawling like Lucy. And though the questions were asked and I smiled and gave my usual answers, no one batted an eye and we felt very welcomed and "normal" there. Everyone was so charmed by the twins, especially Drake who is such a people-person. Lucy could care less about people. She scans a room and wonders what kinds of things she can get into there.

Lucy did get sick our last day there and was running at 103 fever. And though I hated that she was sick, I loved that all she wanted to do was cuddle with me. It is so rare to get that little girl to snuggle. She slept on my chest for hours and I was pocketing every minute of it.

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Ellen Seidman said...

I often get asked whether my kids are twins. Max is almost 6 (he's the one with cp), Sabrina is almost 4. I usually just smile and say "Nope!" People can't seem to figure it out....